G3 Terminal Vancouver is located in North Vancouver and is a next-generation grain export facility designed to optimize grain receiving, storage, and shipping throughout operations on Canada’s west coast. Primary materials handled at the G3 facility include wheat, soybeans, canola, peas, corn (occasionally) and some specialty by-products.
The 55-acre site features an interesting track arrangement which can receive three full size trains consisting of 150 new jumbo covered hopper cars and three locomotives (8,500 ft.) at a time on its loop tracks. These trains can be unloaded quickly and return to the Prairies to be refilled.
A single track enters the terminal from the CN Lynn Creek yard and splits into three working tracks (at A - top right). The three tracks run parallel to each other and complete two loops of the terminal (through B). They then connect to a fourth track that connects with a reverse loop (through C) which runs through the car dumper (bottom) and loops back the other way to allow the train to head outbound in the opposite direction on one of the three working tracks.
Track Picture
The central workhouse stands 80 m (264 ft.) in height. There are 48 concrete grain silos which are 42 m each (140 ft.) and have a combined capacity for 180,000 tonnes of grain. Supporting the silos, the railcar dump and the dock is a maze of covered conveyor belts.
The new berth at G3 Vancouver has three high-speed ship loaders. These can pour up to 6,500 tonnes of grain per hour and load the largest of bulk carriers in a day. The company expects up to 168 ships per year.
Track Picture
We will offer two tours on Thursday May 23, 2024. The first will leave the hotel at 8:30am and return by noon. The second tour will leave the hotel at 12:30pm and return by 4:00pm.
This tour is an extra fare item which is priced at $40.00 per person. If you wish to participate in this very informative interesting tour, please sign up early on the registration form as seats are limited to 27 passengers each trip.
Last Updated November 10th 2023