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Welcome to 2024 Surrey Excursion PNR Convention
The Seventh Division Host Committee hopes to see familiar and several new faces in Surrey, BC May 22-26.
There are many things to do and see in the Surrey and surrounding areas. Please take advantage of the Convention rate before and/or after to stay at the hotel and see some of our wonderful Province as well as the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver.
Our overall aim is to make sure that every minute you spend at the convention is enjoyable, educational, and adds value to your modelling. It is also important to us that when you decide to go outside the venue for an activity that your time is well spent and you enjoy that experience.
To start our activities off, we will be offering a Modeling with the Masters® class. Please check out the Modeling with the Masters® tab to see what you will be making and other important information. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn and share with some of our own best modellers. An additional charge will apply.
Our Clinics Committee has searched throughout the Region and beyond to schedule the most diverse and highest quality presentations.
The Layout Committee has arranged a series of layouts that will demonstrate a variety of modelling approaches and high skill levels in construction. These will be self-guided.
The Operation Session Committee will have operating sessions on some well-known area layouts.
A room has been set aside for A Celebration of Models, Photos and Crafts (Displays and Contests). This will be where modellers, photographers and crafters can show off what they have been working on.
For those not wishing to participate in rail activities, we will offer a Non-Rail Programme filled with lots of things to do.
Whether you have been to Surrey before or are a first-time visitor, Surrey Excursion will have something for everyone.
Mark your calendar and register to participate in what promises to be a great PNR convention. For detailed information, click on the side banner links.
For detailed information, click on the side banner links.
For those not staying in the hotel, Sheraton Guildford has underground parking available for the event. There could be an increase in prices for 2024.
Current Parking Rates:Rates are all inclusive:
$3.50 per hour
$11.00 8am – 6pm
$15.00 24-hour
$7.00 6pm until midnight
Last Updated February 15th 2024