Achievement Program
The Achievement Program (AP) is a travel guide to help one’s journey through the world of model railroading. It provides incentive to learn and master the many crafts and skills necessary in the hobby. With the completion of each category, a certificate acknowledging achievement will be issued. It is also a personal commitment to share one's knowledge with others and to encourage them as they too make the AP journey.
AP covers not only building various types of models, but also building other things which are important to the hobby, such as scenery, structures, track work, and wiring. It also recognizes service to the hobby at all levels which are important as well.
The AP requirements are a set of standards that can also serve as a set of guideposts for those who are new, near-new, and not-so-new to the hobby. They are a source of ideas for projects that can help us learn to become better modellers.
Further information can be found by clicking on the following link:
If you have other specific questions, please contact the PNR Achievement Program Manager, Bill Fassett at
The PNR Achievement Program team will be evaluating models at the Convention by individual appointments. You will select a half-hour appointment when you bring your model to be placed in the Celebration (Contest) Room. By having a set appointment, the modeller will know what time to be present when their model is being evaluated.
If you wish to bring a model or structure to have evaluated, please click on the below link, and fill in the form. Please make sure to bring your filled in form along with your entry to 2024 Surrey Excursion.
If you only want your model evaluated for the Achievement Program and not enter it in the contest, do not check any of the contest boxes, and write AP ONLY in the open area of the form.
You may enter People’s Choice or Showcase as well as having the model evaluated for the Achievement Program.
Contest Entry Form #901
Last Updated November 10th 2023